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Richard Digance Golden Anniversary Tour

Friday, 27th October 2017

Richard celebrates fifty years of performing by embarking on a special tour of the UK.
Thirty one albums, fourteen books, an audio book with Bill Bryson, three million YouTube hits, a Gold Award from The British Academy of Composers and a BAFTA Nomination have all happened along the way.
Plus support by acoustic duo The Broadside Boys, embarking on their first tour, just like Richard did all those years ago.
Tickets: £16 advance, £17 door, £1 reduction for Friends of Calstock Arts, £10 under 18s.
Click here for tickets or phone 01726 879500
Tickets also available from Limekiln Gallery, Calstock. Opening times 11.00am to 5.00pm Tuesday to Saturday.
Doors and bar 7.00pm, start time 8.00pm
Calstock Arts, The Old Chapel, Sand Lane, Calstock, Cornwall PL18 9QX

Cheshire Cats

Thursday, 9th November 2017

Tavonians Theatre Company are taking Cheshire Cats on tour and raising funds for St.Lukes Hospice.
In this cleverly crafted comedy by Gail Young there’s camaraderie, frayed relationships and blisters as a team of women speedwalk their way to fundraising success in the Moonwalk.
It’s funny, it’s heart-warming, it’s emotional.
In aid of Tavonians Theatre Company / St. Luke's Hospice (registered charity 280681)
Thursday 9th November, 2017 7:30pm to 9:30pm
Sterts Theatre, The Studio, Upton Cross, CornwallPL14 5AZ

Justin Moorhouse – People and Feelings

Saturday, 11th November 2017

A little slimmer but still as belly laugh funny, everyone’s favourite northern charmer is back on the road and better than ever. After touring most of last year, he’s now had a think about people. And feelings. About people Justin knows, their feelings and how he feels about them. And they about him. It’ll be a (very) funny show. Promise.
Age 14+
£12 advance, £13 door. £1 reduction for Friends of Calstock Arts, £8 unwaged and under 18s.
Doors and bar 7.00pm, start time 8.00pm
Visit the Calstock Arts web site page for more details of this event.
Calstock Arts, The Old Chapel, Sand Lane, Calstock, Cornwall PL18 9QX

Life Girl Friday 17th November - 7:30 pm

Friday, 17th November 2017

Life Girl is a storytelling show all about living alone without being lonely. Jane compares her life with Robinson Crusoe’s and offers invaluable insights on lighting fires and surviving in the jungle. No she doesn’t, that’s a big, fat lie. She can tell you how to fix a car with one finger – by speed dialling the garage and crying down the phone. Has funny bits, sad bits and rude bits… but haven’t we all?
Written and performed by Jane Pugh
Directed by Tori Cannell
Tickets £7
Friday 17th November - 7:30 pm
Visit the web page for this event,
The Acorn, Parade Street, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 4BU

Bash Street Theatre Co. – The Lion Tamer

Thursday, 23rd November 2017

The Lion Tamer is one of a trilogy of silent movie shows from the award-winning Bash Street Theatre Co.
Inspired by the comic genius of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, it has been specially designed to tour village halls and small-scale theatres.
It’s a melodrama full of action, pathos and silent comedy, combining circus skills, slapstick humour and live piano music to recreate a black-and-white movie from the golden age of the silver screen.
A ‘two-bit’ circus has arrived in town. It’s run by a crooked showman and his long-suffering assistant, and they are running out of acts. So when a down-at-heel traveller arrives looking for work, he is given an audition. But he takes on more than he bargained for when he is persuaded to become a last-minute replacement for … The Lion Tamer!
THE LION TAMER is inspired by the 1928 Charlie Chaplin film ‘The Circus’ and follows in the style of our two successful silent-movie street theatre productions, Cliffhanger! And The Strongman.
Based in Penzance, Cornwall, Bash Street Theatre has built an international reputation for inventive, fast-moving street theatre shows. Since our first performance, in Morlaix, France in 1991, we have created more than 20 different shows and toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe, with performances in France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Scandanavia, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal and Spain where, in 2006, we won the ‘Best Street Theatre’ award at the prestigious Tàrrega Theatre Festival, with our black-and-white movie show Cliffhanger!
We have also performed in Israel, Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea and Egypt.
Bash Street Theatre is a small independent company run by partners, Simon Pullum and JoJo Pickering, who founded the company 25 years ago. During this time our aim has been to combine circus skills and live music to develop a non-verbal, theatrical performance style that is accessible to all ages, cultures and backgrounds.
Tickets:Adults £9/Children £7/Concessions £7/Family Ticket (2 adults + 2 children) £26
Thursday 23rd November - 7:30 pm
Visit the web page for this event,
The Acorn, Parade Street, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 4BU



The Twelve Days of Christmas

Saturday, 25th November 2017

It is the eve before Christmas, 1895, when a Miss Elizabeth Fairfax (a sensible sort of lady leading a very ordinary sort of life), receives a visit from the dashing Mr Edward Fitzwilliam. Mr Edward is at once enchanted by Miss Elizabeth’s beauty and decides, right and there, that he will marry Miss Fairfax. But since she is the most charming creature he has ever seen, he decides that no ordinary wooing will do.
But what to get a lady of such extraordinary charm and beauty? Luckily for Mr Edward, the local townsfolk have plenty of suggestions (and plenty of things they’re trying to sell).
As Mr Edward puts himself under further pressure to ‘top’ the last gift with something more unique, poor Miss Elizabeth tries to cope with the ever growing number of presents in her house (most of which seem to be livestock). As the presents become more ludicrous, Miss Elizabeth’s house begins to represent something between a “menagerie and an asylum” and her surly household staff, Jenson and Cooky begin to lose control of the estate.
But will Mr Edward win Miss Elizabeth’s heart? Will the lawn ever be the same again? And where on earth is Cooky?
Tickets:£12/concessions £10
Saturday 25th November - 7:30 pm
Visit the web page for this event,
The Acorn, Parade Street, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 4BU

Doorways With Ladders and Footprints

Friday, 1st December 2017

Local inclusive community company Shallal Dance Theatre bring their outdoor shows indoors.
Tickets: adults £7, concessions £5, children £3
Friday 1st December - 7:00 pm
The Acorn, Parade Street, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 4BU

The Christmassy Christmas Show of Christmassy Christmasness!

Tuesday, 12th December 2017

The Christmassy Christmas Show of Christmassy Christmasness! is a celebration of everything Christmassy, from fir trees, fairy lights, sleigh bells and snowflakes to crackers, carols, presents and puddings!
Try and spot some naughty elves, meet a snowman who lives in the fridge, say hello to an over-excited Christmas puppy, endure the world’s worst Christmas jumper, join the hunt for the magical Twelve Sprouts of Christmas and gaze in awe at the “beautiful” Christmas Tree fairy…
Learn about Yuletide traditions old and new, hear the story of the first Christmas tree and even explore some festive science.
The Christmassy Christmas Show of Christmassy Christmasness! is an over-stuffed stocking of seasonal surprises crammed with puppets, songs and comedy, and over-flowing with crazy characters, silly slapstick, tall tales and fantastic facts – all presented in that unique Squashbox style!
For children aged 5+ and their families.
Tickets: £7/£6 concessions/£20 family (2 adults + 2 children.)
Tuesday 12th December - 4:30 pm
Visit the web page for this event,
The Acorn, Parade Street, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 4BU

The Little Match Girl

Thursday, 14th December 2017

“Her little hands were almost numbed with cold. Oh! a match might afford her a world of comfort, if she only dared take a single one out of the bundle, draw it against the wall, and warm her fingers by it. She drew one out.
“Rischt!” how it blazed, how it burnt! It was a warm, bright flame, like a candle, as she held her hands over it: it was a wonderful light.”
London. The last evening of the year. The snow is falling. A little girl struggles fiercely through the dark streets. In a vain attempt to stay warm she strikes a match, then a second and third. In the fatal cold the flames blaze to life and the friendly flickering fire guides her to fantastic Christmas visions. With each strike we are transported into her tumultuous hopes and dreams.
In this magic, humorous and poignant show, The Last Baguette use physical comedy, live music and visual storytelling to shine a light on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic winter tale.
Tickets:£7 Standard,
£5 for Students,
Teachers free with students
Thursday 14th December - 1:00 pm
Visit the web page for this event,
The Acorn, Parade Street, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 4BU

This Is Art? Extravaganza

Friday, 15th December 2017

This Is Art? Extravaganza extravaganza
A satirical review of the Cornish arts scene to include artists, critics and other dubious characters
Friday 15th December - 8:00 pm
Visit the web page for this event,
The Acorn, Parade Street, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 4BU



Tuesday, 19th December 2017

Christmas.Time. is set in a small prison cell, Charlie and Toby are feeling low, and why wouldn’t they? It’s Christmas Day and they’re serving time at Her Majesty’s pleasure. But why shouldn’t they be having a Merry Christmas in spite of their incarceration? What’s stopping them from creating Christmas around them? Absolutely nothing! A Christmas cabaret ensues, and they set off on their festival of carols, Claus, Christ and custody.
Join them on a fantastical adventure through Dickens, pantomime, musical, Christmas dinner and Christmas films! See as they build a wonderfully Merry Christmas around them with songs, snowmen and lots of laughs in this truly festive show that puts the ‘cell’ firmly back in ‘celebration’.
Written by Daniel Richards and Ciaran Clarke, and directed by Simon Harvey (o-region, Kneehigh) Christmas. Time. is a musical comedy for all the family and a fun, festive and fantastically funny Christmas offering from Near-ta Theatre!
Please note: This event is suitable for age 10+
Tickets:  £10, £8 concessions
Tuesday 19th December - 7:30 pm
Visit the web page for this event,
The Acorn, Parade Street, Penzance, Cornwall TR18 4BU